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To maintain status as an SDA Accredited Sports Dietitian, Renee is constantly updating her knowledge and skills in the area of sports nutrition science. This allows us to share with you the most up to date sports nutrition information and strategies. You can trust that the advice you are given is reliable and evidence based.


Away from work, Renee enjoys keeping active through a mix of triathlon, running, group fitness and yoga. Incorporating sports nutrition strategies within her own training schedule, allows her to develop a greater understanding of putting sport nutrition theory into practice. She is also a keen supporter of any sports her sons are playing and enjoys racing in triathlons and running events to satisfy her competitive streak!




Who have we worked with?

Here are some of the sporting groups & athletes we have provided sports nutrition services:

  • Sporting Academies: Western Sydney Academy of Sport, South West Sydney Academy of Sport
  • NSW Institute of Sport
  • Podium finishing professional triathletes (training & race day meal plans)
  • Rugby League Level 2 Coaching Courses
  • Medal winning Para-Olympic athletes (training & race day meal plans)


Semfemalebikeinars & Presentations we have delivered:

Other than our individual consultancy services, Motivate Nutrition has a passion for delivering engaging presentations. We have a wide range of topics available and will customise the content to suit your chosen sport or related interest area. Some of the topics we have covered:

  • Training and competition sport nutrition for cyclists
  • Game day nutrition for rugby league referees
  • Making weight strategies for jockeys
  • Triathlon and ironman preparation strategies
  • Sports nutrition for junior athletics
  • Meal planning for optimal nutrition for squad swimmers



Our Sport nutrition specialty areas

We welcome beginner, recreational and elite level athletes from junior ages through to masters.

  • Reduce body fat and making weight
  • Increase muscle mass
  • Athletes with nutrition related conditions e.g Diabetes or Coeliac Disease
  • Performance Nutrition for a range of sports: Swimming, Triathlon, Gymnastics, Soccer, Netball, Cricket, Crossfit, Body Building, Tennis, Adventure Racing, Rugby League and more



  • Sports Nutrition Seminars or Practical workshops for athletes, trainers/referees & coaches
  • Presentations can be held at your chosen venue, please contact us for more details
  • Details on our fees can be found HERE

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Motivate nutrition is located within Western Sydney. We welcome the opportunity to work together with you, so you can thrive on the benefits of improved health through nutrition.

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