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Corporate Health, Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion events

Looking for a “Corporate Health” nutrition program for your organisation? Investing in employee health can have a significant improvement in productivity in the workplace. We can design workplace wellness programs to help support your valued employees and create an overall culture of health within your workplace. These can be delivered onsite at your work location.
……….Stay tuned for more information on this exciting new service we are offering in 2020!

Nutrition Education Seminars

Our nutrition education seminars can be customised to match the nutritional topic or health promotion activity you are looking for. We can deliver these at your chosen venue. Please contact us for more details on how we can work together.


Popular Topics 

  • Successful Weight Management
    Overview of core food groups & basic guidelines for long term weight management. Provide effective strategies to help get on track & stay on track!
  • Meal planning & preparation to boost time management & health
    Practical strategies for how to effectively plan meals, prepare them and save time! An excellent session for shift workers or busy families!
  • Nutrition strategies to boost concentration and mental health
    Discover which foods can help improve our brain health and help us to improve our focus and productivity
  • “Fad Diets” Fact V’s Fiction
    Exposes hidden dietary untruths. Evidence based tips on how to avoid confusion with popular fad diets, trends & pseudoscience!
  • Fueling your body for health & fitness
    Essential tips on how to help match nutrition to your specific training needs & overall health
  • Smart supermarket choices & understanding food labels
    Practical advice on how to effectively use nutrition panels on food labels and ways to select healthy food choices at the supermarket
  • “Carbohydrates” Good or Bad?
    What, why & how to look at carbohydrate in our diet? Should we avoid them? Discuss common myths associated with carbs
  • Health conscious choices when eating out or travelling
    Practical tips on making healthy choices when eating out. Covers a wide range of social eating situations including restaurants, fast food outlets, parties & travelling

Services & Fees

Each of our nutrition education sessions are customized to suit your needs. Please contact us so we can organise a quote for you.

Corporate Health – Workplace Nutrition programs 


We offer customised, interactive workplace programs across a range of occupations. We present your valued employees with evidence based nutrition information and behavior change strategies. We also provide employers with an evaluation report for each of our programs.

  • Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can organise a quote for you

Presentations / Workshops

We offer engaging presentations or workshops on a range of sports nutrition topics to a wide variety of groups:
  • Community sporting clubs
  • Corporate Health & Employee Wellness programs 
  • Schools & Sports Academy
Please contact us to discuss the details and we can organise a quote for you

Can you claim a rebate for a nutrition service?

We no longer offer nutrition consultations, however you may find this helpful if you are planning to see a dietitian for a consultation.

If you are a member of a private health fund you may be eligible to claim a rebate for your consultation. Please contact your health fund to find out the details of your particular policy.

Medicare rebates may be available through specific allied health CDMP arrangements with your general practitioner. There is a specific form that you will be given that will have Medicare items 721 & 723. Please discuss this with your general practitioner to see if you are eligible for this type of referral.



We confirm your preferred method at time of booking. We accept payment via cash or direct bank transfer. 

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Motivate Nutrition is located within Western Sydney. We welcome the opportunity to work together with you, so you can thrive on the benefits of improved health through nutrition.

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