In a world where everyone has an opinion on nutrition, it can be a challenge to know who to listen to…


Renee Kennedy, Principle Dietitian, Motivate Nutrition.

We don’t rely on fad diets or trends. We rely on scientific evidence based nutrition.

Expert advice & knowledge


We offer practical, reliable advice to help you achieve your individual goal. Our passion is to support you with motivation and the nutrition knowledge you need so you can thrive.

Achieve your nutritional goal


We can help you achieve all kinds of nutrition goals. This could include weight management, lower cholesterol, improve diabetes control, gain lean muscle mass or boost sports performance.

Work together for results


We listen to you. In confidence and without judgement. Together we can work on turning healthy nutrition theory into practice, in a way that fits within your lifestyle.


Motivate Nutrition is a private nutrition education service located in Western Sydney. Our principal Dietitian, Renee Kennedy, has been working as a dietitian since 1999 in both private practice & public hospital settings. We can provide you with a range of professional nutritional services in the areas of both general nutrition and sports nutrition.

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Dietitian or Nutritionist?

Is there a difference between a Dietitian and a Nutritionist? It can be confusing as both terms are used regularly. A Dietitian, specifically, an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD), is a university qualified health professional. They undertake ongoing training and education to make sure that they are your most credible and up-to-date source of nutrition information. On the other hand, the term nutritionist is not regulated and can be used by anyone! Their credentials can range from no formal training at all through to university level.

Nutrition plays a vital role in all elements of our health. The dietary choices we make today, not only have an impact in the short term but can map out our future health & wellness. We understand that breaking old habits or making dietary changes can be a challenge and it takes time. Motivate Nutrition can offer you advice and support on a wide range of nutrition areas from weight management through to diabetes. We help people as young as 5 years of age up to adults.

Our Sports Dietitian will work together with you to help navigate the challenges of knowing how and when to best fuel your body for your chosen activity or sport. If you are an athlete or a coach of a team looking to boost performance, our advice may be just what you need to take yourself or your team mates to the next level. So whether you are just starting out in your sport, a weekend warrior or an elite athlete, Motivate Nutrition is dedicated to work with you in reaching your goals through smart nutritional choices.


We offer a range of professional, evidence based nutrition education services at Motivate Nutrition, tailored to your needs.

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Motivate Nutrition is located within Western Sydney. We welcome the opportunity to work together with you so you can thrive on the benefits of improved health through nutrition.